Last week I purchased a Genus Type-R DAB radio.

It’s one of these post-modern, mock-vintage devices that matches the aesthetics of a bygone era with the technology of modern times. I’ve been waiting since last summer for this thing, when I first spied it on The original release date was October 2006 but it’s only just now become available!

The design is pretty fantastic (walnut side panels, polished aluminum, leather backing) but the device is not without its flaws. First off, when put on it’s side, resting on the handle bar so that the instrument panel is legible, the speaker faces the ground. If you desire the speaker to face up, then the instrument panel is upside down. What the heck is going on? I could hardly believe that such an obvious flaw could endure in the final product, so I did some research online. Nearly all radios of this style from their native period are designed the same way. Am I totally missing something here?

Anyhow, the proximity sense and touch controls are pretty cool, though they do require a firmer touch than you might imagine.

The order backlog is substantial and there is currently a 30 day wait on the website. It’s not yet out in the shops but should later be available from Dixons et al. You can get one here now.

Written on March 13th, 2007 , All, Gadgets, Tech

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