I’ve now perfected my streaming audio solution, which works great for parties. It consists of three components:

  1. Apple Airport Express: my stereo is plugged into this and my laptop streams music wirelessly from across the living room to the device.
  2. Laptop: Out-of-the-box the airport express only works with iTunes, but I prefer to use WinAmp for some purposes. I use the WinAmp Remote Speakers Plugin to allow this.
  3. Nokia N95: I use this as my remote control for WinAmp. I’ve installed Bemused on my N95 and my laptop, which allows me to remote control WinAmp over Bluetooth. Super handy.
  4. This appears to be working well, though Bemused does occassionally fall over. It’s all worth it for when your party guests realise you’re controlling the tunes from your mobile phone, though. :-)

    Written on June 28th, 2007 , Gadgets, Tech

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