There’s not much I can say to sum up what was a totally spectacular show, involving amazing pyrotechnics, incredible lighting, and soundbites from the Prodigy, Orbital, Sex Pistols, Dizee Rascal and more. Awesome.

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Lovebox is definitely one of London’s best festivals, and one I look forward to fondly every season. But in December it seems such a long way off… so good thing Skate is on at Somerset House with Lovebox DJs! This time it was Horse Meat Disco and while the music is a little more commercial than what you might hear from them at the festival, it was still brilliant good fun. Recommendation for even more fun– allow alcohol onto the ice!

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This was definitely one of the best shows I’ve been to this year. It got off to a slow start, but things really kicked off when Metronomy launched into Love Underlined and the Royal Albert Hall’s Incredible lighting system induced an effect that half had me believe that a spaceship had just cracked off the roof of the building. I think I actually shed a tear as the bass ripped through the venue.

Before long everyone was on their feet and proper loving it. Yay.

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I came across this while cycling home the other night:

A “public urinal..” possibly the most public urinal ever. And it’s functional:


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